I see a halo around you

“Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.”[1]
Social alienation, a feeling of being partly connected to, and at the same time, alienated from our surroundings, is like floating in a spacesuit. I was inspired by the idea that such a spacesuit provides room in which you can live, breathe, and communicate, but simultaneously alienate you from the space around you.
With this idea, I came up with jewellery which creates a space both around the wearer’s body and the piece itself. I imagine wearing it will create a bubble and, at the same time, a spiritual and physical space on the body, and this pure space – a halo-like protection – can help the wearer feel safe. The jewellery thus plays a central role in creating the space, that is to say, a thin line is built from the jewellery and delineates the space around the body.
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Nothing Food by Annabelle Nichols

Nothing food a provocative design project about the potential projections of 3d printed food in 2040. It combines natural food with biochemistry and current processed food methods. Comparable to Ferran Adria’s famous gastronomy in which Adria liberates new tastes and developed new methods such as nitrogen-infused foams Nothing food tricks the eye by promising tastes textures and nutritional value, yet in reality each sample food attains no nutrient value at all. The main question for this project aroused during the conversation with a biochemist. How do we define eatable? Is it based on whether we will recognize the object as food outside the body? Or is based on whether the body will recognize it as food once it is inside?
Nothing food is a cautious concern for the future of unconsumable consumption, manufactured meals and forgotten food.
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Gender Blender

RÄTHEL & WOLF is a creative team with a portfolio of experimental work around the body. We are interested in new ways of wearing jewellery, exploring gender roles and adorning unusual body parts.
Sari Rathel says “I am a jewellery designer, exploring the body, physically and intellectually, through adornments, objects and collages. I love working collaboratively with other artists and designers from different fields such as fashion and architecture and I am always keen to expand the mediums I works in.
I have recently finished my Master of Art in Jewellery & Metal at the Royal College of Art in London and won the Best Work In Jewellery Award by Theo Fennel and the ITS Jewellery Award with my degree collection.”
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Tempt me by Annabelle Nichols

Tempt me, entertains the idea of preparing healthy handfuls in advance of purchasing decisions. Navigating temptations in the cafe environment inspired the development of a food wallet. The object from a viewerís perspective appears as a minimal corporate accessory, but for the user, the prevalence of tactile feedback nudges the Corporate CafÈ Creature to purchase the coffee not the cupcake. By providing a space for healthy snacks, the concept aims to trigger her to prepare as oppose to purchase.
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