nature will take precedence over the needs of the modern man

Slow water
Rivers and rocks have inspired three versions of the ceramic water dispensers.
A ball of minerals and charcoal sits in a large vessel and diffuses its natural properties. Served with a ladle, water is repeatedly oxygenated. The drift wood handle was found in Greece, hardened by time, continues its life in contact with water.
A simple mechanism that swivels and pours the water that is revitalised by the bio-filter.
The unfiltered water swirls around the bio-filter to then seep into a large recipient that keeps the water cool and protected from airborne contaminants.
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Nothing Food by Annabelle Nichols

Nothing food a provocative design project about the potential projections of 3d printed food in 2040. It combines natural food with biochemistry and current processed food methods. Comparable to Ferran Adria’s famous gastronomy in which Adria liberates new tastes and developed new methods such as nitrogen-infused foams Nothing food tricks the eye by promising tastes textures and nutritional value, yet in reality each sample food attains no nutrient value at all. The main question for this project aroused during the conversation with a biochemist. How do we define eatable? Is it based on whether we will recognize the object as food outside the body? Or is based on whether the body will recognize it as food once it is inside?
Nothing food is a cautious concern for the future of unconsumable consumption, manufactured meals and forgotten food.
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Tavola Arcaica by Fabio Molinas

The Tavola Arcaica is a conceptual project that relies on our ability to build a strong emotional bond between people and food with everyday objects, that goes beyond their use.
The use of the first tools made from stone was the first technological discovery of our species.
However, we have assimilated their use in a way that we no longer give them the importance they deserve.
These elements were the origins of ergonomics and have been the first contact between man and artefact, allowing the human being to carry out everyday activities such as cutting, chopping, picking and beating. The various stone tools ex axes, knives, containers, etc. designed by our ancestors can be considerate the first design product in history.
A sophisticated evolution of good habits took us to the use of these tools under current forms such as blade type, fork and spoon, but our needs have not changed since then, they just follow a protocol that society has imposed on us. These preformed concepts caused us the missing of the primary bond that we created between us and food, building a small barrier of communication.
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lost & found by flowers for slovakia

To tell the stories of Slovak heritage in the language of masses.
Lost & Found is an original set of furniture and interior accessories. The basic creative process of the selected students this time was linking the traditional Slovak folk furniture types with unmistakable aesthetic of Vitra elements.
Benches, tables, storage cabinets, or even a cradle underwent a thorough renovation so that they could be not only be visually appealing, but above all functional. The perceptive observer will recognize, however, in non-traditional connections also working tools, originally designed for the processing of hemp and flax, winding of yarn, churning butter, kneading dough or butchering.
Poetics of Slovak folk art and craft is thus materialized in unique authorial “ready mades” carrying message of everyday object being used more than 100 years ago. Through a sensitive and intelligent intervention the selected new pieces acquired a new, current meaning and at the same time they did not stop telling a story. It is becoming more and more attractive even for a global-minded user who is hungry for added value in order to be able to establish a long term relationship with the given object and thus to establish the reason to retain him in his/her home as long as possible.

Flowers for Slovakia
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until all I felt was my heart beating

This collection deals with directness, authenticity and purity. The collection consists of five pairs of hand-made, unique shoes for the Modern hippies in the spirit of post-irony. The key words for this collection are purity, sensitivity, authenticity, and delicate roughness. As materials we used mainly white leather spiced with mixed yellow and orange and for the heels partly raw, partly polished wood; finnish birch and aspen. Our intensions with this collection was to combine the raw beauty of nature to the man-made but organic sculptural shapes. In the collection you can sense the freedom of the Modern hippies and their desire of sustainable, simple, but playful beauty.
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celebration of the passage of time

Cut the leaves, cut, cut, cut and just cut them
Then twist those leaves, twist, twist and keep twisting
And then, fold, fold, fold, continue folding
Finally put it, push it, pull it, place it, make it arrange it, mix it…

Azuma’s practice investigates and attenuates the limits of the life cycle, while also asking in what other contexts can and should the botanical sculptures appear. Suspending the living natural object within the rigid, but open box. Makoto sets up a metaphor for how he sees our relationship to the natural world- an incomplete attempt to grasp at the seeming eternity.
Azuma God beyond, and celebrates the eventual demise of the flora he sculpts. Not a warning, his creations are a celebration of the passage of time.

words and art by Azuma Makoto
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made by forest

Made by Forest is a project based on the concept of imprinting the forest atmosphere into elements of contemporary product and graphic design.

‘The Woods Smell of Shampoo’
“The Woods Smell of Shampoo”is the name of Koert van Mensvoort´s TV
documentary. In the documentary, the Dutch scientist and artist deals
with the relationship between reality and impresion, between reality and reality mediated by the media.
While for the last ten thousand years, people have perceived nature in more or less unchanged way, now we can set foot into the woods with a feeling similar to that of Mensvoort´s little daughter who felt the familiar scent of pine shampoo.
Are we that much influenced by media? Can a TV shot or ad comprehend our notion of what a tree looks and smells like? Which of the things in our daily life are still authentic? This question, as part of one thing and defense of the other, but rather a neutral reflection on man and his attitude to the forest in a collection of objects and graphics on the theme of the interconnection of civilization and nature.

Words and photography by Vyrobeno Lesem

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gender blender

RÄTHEL & WOLF is a creative team with a portfolio of experimental work around the body. We are interested in new ways of wearing jewellery, exploring gender roles and adorning unusual body parts.
Sari Rathel says “I am a jewellery designer, exploring the body, physically and intellectually, through adornments, objects and collages. I love working collaboratively with other artists and designers from different fields such as fashion and architecture and I am always keen to expand the mediums I works in.
I have recently finished my Master of Art in Jewellery & Metal at the Royal College of Art in London and won the Best Work In Jewellery Award by Theo Fennel and the ITS Jewellery Award with my degree collection.”
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Giria Lithuanian Tree Dishes

Giria – a collection of bowls and plates balancing between tactility, shape and color.
The project is aimed to pass the sensations of the forest through the dishes, to establish a connection between the user and the object. This process is an allusion into the urban person`s connection with the nature.
Tree dishes are the result of an experimental process by which I wanted to show how materials, which are destined to become waste – tree bark and leaves – can be transformed into sustainable design through the traditional crafts. The transformation process is the rebirth of a tree into new objects – dishes.
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Tempt me by Annabelle Nichols

Tempt me, entertains the idea of preparing healthy handfuls in advance of purchasing decisions. Navigating temptations in the cafe environment inspired the development of a food wallet. The object from a viewerís perspective appears as a minimal corporate accessory, but for the user, the prevalence of tactile feedback nudges the Corporate CafÈ Creature to purchase the coffee not the cupcake. By providing a space for healthy snacks, the concept aims to trigger her to prepare as oppose to purchase.
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