Tempt me by Annabelle Nichols

Tempt me, entertains the idea of preparing healthy handfuls in advance of purchasing decisions. Navigating temptations in the cafe environment inspired the development of a food wallet. The object from a viewerís perspective appears as a minimal corporate accessory, but for the user, the prevalence of tactile feedback nudges the Corporate CafÈ Creature to purchase the coffee not the cupcake. By providing a space for healthy snacks, the concept aims to trigger her to prepare as oppose to purchase.

Providing a prompt in the cafÈ context the solution is subtle and sophisticated. White food safe silicon pockets seamlessly slide into the tracks proving a home for healthy handfuls. Black tracks are located on the inside of cleverly conceived construction to ensure easy access. Subtle scores in the silicon ensure pouches can be easily removed for cleaning and refilling. By utilising an existing connection between the user and her wallet the concept not only provides a solution to temptation but ensures engagement when leaving the house and arriving in a purchasing decision. This internal trigger based on pre-existing behaviour encourages action. Tempt me as an intervention combines subtle design with tactile feedback to actively prompt positive and pre-planned decision making in a context where spontaneity and temptation normally prevail. Using simple yet sophisticated design details, the intervention can be seamlessly integrated into a Yong female adults lives.

Styling by Annabelle Nichols
Photography by Andrew Matautia

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