I See a Halo Around You

“Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.”[1]
Social alienation, a feeling of being partly connected to, and at the same time, alienated from our surroundings, is like floating in a spacesuit. I was inspired by the idea that such a spacesuit provides room in which you can live, breathe, and communicate, but simultaneously alienate you from the space around you.
With this idea, I came up with jewellery which creates a space both around the wearer’s body and the piece itself. I imagine wearing it will create a bubble and, at the same time, a spiritual and physical space on the body, and this pure space – a halo-like protection – can help the wearer feel safe. The jewellery thus plays a central role in creating the space, that is to say, a thin line is built from the jewellery and delineates the space around the body.

Like Virginia Woolf’s ‘luminous halo’ my work covers the wearer’s body and mind, like a warm blanket.

words and photography Yun Sun Jang




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