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A Nomadic Future imagined

Dutch firm Studio Makkink & Bey has created a collection of furniture for a nomadic future including a backpack that becomes a sofa bed, a carrycot that becomes a table and a walking cane that turns into an illuminated screen. The pieces depict a future scenario in which the individual travels light and stays comfortable. […]

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The Now & Then project

The Now/Then project examines where modern day products originate and how they affect our environmental footprint. These 24 products are explorations to show people where products come from and what a sustainable alternative might look like. What are the changes we can make today to make sure there will always be a tomorrow? This is […]

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Giria Lithuanian Tree Dishes

Giria – a collection of bowls and plates balancing between tactility, shape and color. The project is aimed to pass the sensations of the forest through the dishes, to establish a connection between the user and the object. This process is an allusion into the urban person`s connection with the nature. Tree dishes are the […]

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The Missing Dining Table

Where were you the last time you dined? Were you enjoying a sandwich at a park bench, having a quick bite at your desk, or sharing a meal with friends? How will we dine in the future? With technology and a faster pace of life come an increasingly autonomous and solitary lifestyle. Our evolving lifestyle […]

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Drop by Drop Fills an Ocean

There is a Hindi saying: ‘Drop by drop, fills an ocean’. Human beings have taken water for granted since ages. Ancient civilizations have prospered and perished owing to overuse and exploitation of water. I believe that history can repeat itself if we do not take the right measures. This project looks at our relationship with […]

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