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Oltu by Fabio Molinas

OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem” of vegetables via cooling by evaporation. The heat rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers, which, with the […]

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Taste of Wood by Antonio Arico

Taste of Wood is a funny eulogy to olive oil, to olive wood, and to wooden furniture and the artisanal techniques used to finish and preserve it. As we all know, olive oil can be used to polish and preserve the olive wood as well. Sitting beneath an olive tree, you can dream of tasting […]

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Origami Humidifier by The Worst Hazard

Inspired by how crushing a ball of paper gives it flexibility, structure, porosity and character, a large sheet of paper is creased in orderly grids into a hemisphere with each grid facing outwards to optimise surface area for diffusing and evaporating water. quirks / organic geometry exploration calligraphy paper hand creased 750x750x55mm + The Worst […]

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Kitchen Lab by Nienke van de Pol

“With Kitchen Lab, I want people to learn that plants and herbs at our doorsteps have preventive and curative medical properties. By exploring Kitchen Lab you will find how easy it is to make your own self care remedies for everyday ailments. The ingredients needed can be found in your kitchen and garden. Today’s circumstances […]

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Second Chances by Tour de Fork

Second Chance Collection by TourDeFork The collection was born from TourDeForks recent research into the reuse and recycling of raw Kitchen materials. Second Chance is inspired by local Italian folk tradition and ritual, which has always tried to find a use to what could be “food waste”, suggesting new utilities and reveling the hidden potential, […]

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