Taste of Wood by Antonio Arico

Taste of Wood is a funny eulogy to olive oil, to olive wood, and to wooden furniture and the artisanal techniques used to finish and preserve it. As we all know, olive oil can be used to polish and preserve the olive wood as well.

Sitting beneath an olive tree, you can dream of tasting some incredible Calabrese olive oil, but not only! You can also think about your furniture and start polishing it with passion.
Tasty Chair plays with the iconic ideas or archetypes of kitchen furniture. It represents a traditional kitchen stool with a detachable back that can be used as a chopping board. The little accent on the side can be used to take off the back or to hang your bag or your clothes on.
A little teaspoon, a soft sponge, an oil dispenser… a tender family of products dedicated to serving olive oil, to you, your table or your chair. The collection Taste of Wood plays on the theme “eatable materials” but without losing the essential ideas of utility and quality in all the products.
The glass container reminds us of an industrial but somehow natural oil can. Generally used to preserve a big quantity of good oil, the glass oil can could also be displayed on the table in your living room.

An aesthetic mix between an oil cruet and a bottle with a glass funnel to decant olive oil.

The tasting glass is blue for one practical reason, to hide the color of the oil so the judges and the consumers aren’t influenced when it comes to the tasting. The glass dispenser has a little beak on the side to make it easy to pour the oil. A frosted glass cone protects the oil from dust and light. An upside down pierced funnel made of glass and textile becomes an elegant sponge, useful to polish wood with the olive oil.

Material: olive wood and glass

words and images by Antonio Arico

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