The Forest of Kaldbakur

Into water / Under the lip
“In a collaboration with Dröfn Sæmundsdóttir and Gísli Hilmarsson I tried to invent a new way to utilize the forest of Kaldbakur inYtri-Rangárvallarsýsla. We decided to use herbs from the forest and designed two ways to use them in an interesting way.
“Into water” are teabags that have the shape of a tree and arrive in packaging that is possible to transform so it is easy to serve the tea and it stands nicely on your table. On the tree-teabags is a stamped picture of a birch-tree, but the idea was that edible ink made from herbs would be used. You’re suppost to get the feeling that the packaging is the soil and you take the tree by the roots and put it in your cup, but the roots return the power ofthe herbs into the water.
“Under the lip” is supposed to meet the bad habit to put tobacco under the lip (snus), but the difference is that you put healing herbs under your lip instead of the unhealthy tobacco. The healing power of the herbs is suppost to flow straight into your bloodstream through the mucosa under the upper lip.
We then designed three sorts that would be possible to get both into water and under the lip. Their names are: Bætir (improver), Vætir (wetener) and Gætir (guardian), and that are the effects that they have on you body.
The shape of the bag allows it to hang on the edge of the cup, and the power from the roots go into the water.
Teabacco or „tebak“ is a new and a better alternative for those addicted to snus (tobacco you put under your lip). And also a new way to enjoy the effects of tea/herbs, when you don´t have the time or space to heat up water. You can use teabacce whenever and whereever.

We made stamps so the farmer could just use almost any paper packages and stamp his tree or his logo on it. For the fun of it, this tree, Birch, is the farmer´s favorite.”


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