Edible Packaging by Scoby

SCOBY is a biological, fully edible packaging solution that aims to reinvent the old food conservation techniques.
SCOBY is a product of bacterial fermentation, similar to products in the food industry like Kombucha or Nata de Coco, which are already mass produced and have been eaten for ages.

Imagine if you could use food packaging for health and soil nutrition purposes. With our bacterial fermentation solution, which is nutrient-rich and fully edible, we’ll make that possible and reach what the future of packaging should be: 100% zero-waste.

Growing Is The Future of Production
SCOBY is a fast renewable resource.

It is grown vertically and does not require sunlight or expensive resources.
Water and nutrition from collected waste recirculate, closing the loop of production which makes SCOBY sustainable for our planet.

SCOBY is a fermentation product with health benefits for both the human body and soil.
We know that food is a joyful experience – so look: we’re green and tasty!
Or you can just feed the soil, guilty-free!

Decentralized Production and Waste Management as Key of Circular Economy
Our process is circular, which means all resources are used and help connect the food industry with packaging production.

Aiming for the Future
As an interdisciplinary team, we want to offer a truly innovative solution to face modern world’s problems – the single use of plastic, food waste, poor soil and lack of healthy bacteria in the food we eat.

+ Scoby

photos by Roza Janusz

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