Contatto Eating Experience by Giulia Soldati

Contatto is an eating experience aimed at reconnecting us with our food. By placing food directly on the skin, taste is extended to the realm of touch. From the moment we feel the weight, texture and temperature of our food: we anticipate and understand what we are about to consume. Serving becomes an intimate gesture and mode of communication between the chef and the diner: an act of giving and receiving that can inspire a new culinary choreography

Contatto asks to push the boundaries of our comfort zone.
Removing the ‘barrier’ between the materiality of food and our body created usually by plates and cutlery, Contatto brings another layers of involvement in relation to food, our body, emotions and senses. 

It is not just an eating experience, it involves an intimate rediscovery of senses and tactility, becoming a sensorial celebration of food and the action of eating. And those intense emotions will permeate and stay longer on skin than the ingredients do.

Experiencing food through the sense of touch

Contatto is a new way of eating that gives a tactile understanding of the ingredients placed on the hands, becoming a sensorial celebration of food.
During the Contatto eating experience the ingredients are placed directly on your hand.
By feeling them on the skin, you can feel the temperature, the texture and the consistency of the ingredients even before reaching your mouth.
The action of serving becomes an intimate gesture between the toucher and the ‘taster’.
Contatto becomes a unique experience and cuisine based on the hand.

+ Giulia Soldati
+ Contatto

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