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Mutualism by Luo Yan-Ze

Mutualism is a jewelry collection inspired by sea life, designed by Luo Yan-Ze. The artist transports the beauty of coral reefs onto the land, and into the hands of human beings. + more

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Pass it On by Flowers for Slovakia

Lucia Tomaschová – The Untouchable The collection “Pass it on” outlines historical timeline of Slovakia through evocative objects, telling stories of both bygone and today’s outstanding personalities, who contributed to changing their era. Young designers, architects and jewellery makers pay tribute to outstanding characters of Slovakia. The objects represent achievements and tell life stories of […]

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I See a Halo Around You

“Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.”[1] Social alienation, a feeling of being partly connected to, and at the same time, alienated from our surroundings, is like floating in a spacesuit. I was inspired by the idea that such a spacesuit provides room in […]

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Gender Blender

RÄTHEL & WOLF is a creative team with a portfolio of experimental work around the body. We are interested in new ways of wearing jewellery, exploring gender roles and adorning unusual body parts. Sari Rathel says “I am a jewellery designer, exploring the body, physically and intellectually, through adornments, objects and collages. I love working […]

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