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Contatto Eating Experience by Giulia Soldati

Contatto is an eating experience aimed at reconnecting us with our food. By placing food directly on the skin, taste is extended to the realm of touch. From the moment we feel the weight, texture and temperature of our food: we anticipate and understand what we are about to consume. Serving becomes an intimate gesture […]

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Hand Tools by Giulia Soldati

“The development of technology appeared in our kitchens filling them with machines that are supposed to work for us and save us time and energy for a high quality final product; but a distance between us and the material has been creating. The physical contact is no longer part of our relation with food, we […]

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Edible Packaging by Scoby

GROWN and EDIBLE SCOBY is a biological, fully edible packaging solution that aims to reinvent the old food conservation techniques. SCOBY is a product of bacterial fermentation, similar to products in the food industry like Kombucha or Nata de Coco, which are already mass produced and have been eaten for ages. Imagine if you could use food packaging for […]

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Oltu by Fabio Molinas

OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem” of vegetables via cooling by evaporation. The heat rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers, which, with the […]

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Kitchen Lab by Nienke van de Pol

“With Kitchen Lab, I want people to learn that plants and herbs at our doorsteps have preventive and curative medical properties. By exploring Kitchen Lab you will find how easy it is to make your own self care remedies for everyday ailments. The ingredients needed can be found in your kitchen and garden. Today’s circumstances […]

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A Nomadic Future imagined

Dutch firm Studio Makkink & Bey has created a collection of furniture for a nomadic future including a backpack that becomes a sofa bed, a carrycot that becomes a table and a walking cane that turns into an illuminated screen. The pieces depict a future scenario in which the individual travels light and stays comfortable. […]

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The Now & Then project

The Now/Then project examines where modern day products originate and how they affect our environmental footprint. These 24 products are explorations to show people where products come from and what a sustainable alternative might look like. What are the changes we can make today to make sure there will always be a tomorrow? This is […]

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Giria Lithuanian Tree Dishes

Giria – a collection of bowls and plates balancing between tactility, shape and color. The project is aimed to pass the sensations of the forest through the dishes, to establish a connection between the user and the object. This process is an allusion into the urban person`s connection with the nature. Tree dishes are the […]

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The Missing Dining Table

Where were you the last time you dined? Were you enjoying a sandwich at a park bench, having a quick bite at your desk, or sharing a meal with friends? How will we dine in the future? With technology and a faster pace of life come an increasingly autonomous and solitary lifestyle. Our evolving lifestyle […]

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Nothing Food by Annabelle Nichols

Nothing food a provocative design project about the potential projections of 3d printed food in 2040. It combines natural food with biochemistry and current processed food methods. Comparable to Ferran Adria’s famous gastronomy in which Adria liberates new tastes and developed new methods such as nitrogen-infused foams Nothing food tricks the eye by promising tastes […]

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