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Match Tree by Evelina Kudabaite

Fire – is an important symbol of Lithuanian culture. In ancient times lithuanians were called fire worshipers. In every house there was a hearth with fire that was cherished a lot. It was mothers responsibility to protect and maintain the fire. It was not only the source of light and heat, it also embodied the […]

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Ecco Freddo

Ecco Freddo is a family of modular objects; grog clay and sand. These pieces are a nod to the technique referred to as desert refrigeration, developed primarily in Northern Africa. Two walls, separated by a void, come into contact with a flow of dry of air and a source of water to cool the contents […]

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Remolten by Great Things to People

“Chile has the second largest and most active chain of volcanoes in the world. Throughout the Chilean mainland, there are at least 2,000 volcanoes. Of these, only 500 are considered geologically active; 60 have a recorded history of eruptions in the last 450 years, with a total of around 300 eruptions for that period. Currently, […]

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Peel Saver

Fries companies produce a lot of potato peels waste. The idea of ​​this project is to use this waste material in order to create a street food packaging. The potato peel is made up of starches and fibers components, which after maceration and natural drying, acquire the ability to bond with each other and harden. […]

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The Forest of Kaldbakur

Into water / Under the lip “In a collaboration with Dröfn Sæmundsdóttir and Gísli Hilmarsson I tried to invent a new way to utilize the forest of Kaldbakur inYtri-Rangárvallarsýsla. We decided to use herbs from the forest and designed two ways to use them in an interesting way. “Into water” are teabags that have the […]

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Wellspring & New Manantial by Martín Azúa

Manantial and the Wellspring are an invitation to discover and get to know natural processes. It proposes the reproduction of an ecosystem by means of soil, stones and plants able to give back to water its natural balance. It is not an easy task, it takes time and dedication, maybe a whole life. “Like water […]

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Origami Humidifier by The Worst Hazard

Inspired by how crushing a ball of paper gives it flexibility, structure, porosity and character, a large sheet of paper is creased in orderly grids into a hemisphere with each grid facing outwards to optimise surface area for diffusing and evaporating water. quirks / organic geometry exploration calligraphy paper hand creased 750x750x55mm + The Worst […]

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Second Chances by Tour de Fork

Second Chance Collection by TourDeFork The collection was born from TourDeForks recent research into the reuse and recycling of raw Kitchen materials. Second Chance is inspired by local Italian folk tradition and ritual, which has always tried to find a use to what could be “food waste”, suggesting new utilities and reveling the hidden potential, […]

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Drop by Drop Fills an Ocean

There is a Hindi saying: ‘Drop by drop, fills an ocean’. Human beings have taken water for granted since ages. Ancient civilizations have prospered and perished owing to overuse and exploitation of water. I believe that history can repeat itself if we do not take the right measures. This project looks at our relationship with […]

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