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Ripple, the Future of Dating

Ripple is a wearable extension of the body designed for the future of dating. The device users computer vision to scan a room and calculates who in it is attracted to the wearer. When it finds someone, it sends a ‘ripple’ up the wearer’s spine, reflecting the excitement one’s feel when meeting a potential match. […]

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Contatto Eating Experience by Giulia Soldati

Contatto is an eating experience aimed at reconnecting us with our food. By placing food directly on the skin, taste is extended to the realm of touch. From the moment we feel the weight, texture and temperature of our food: we anticipate and understand what we are about to consume. Serving becomes an intimate gesture […]

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Taste of Wood by Antonio Arico

Taste of Wood is a funny eulogy to olive oil, to olive wood, and to wooden furniture and the artisanal techniques used to finish and preserve it. As we all know, olive oil can be used to polish and preserve the olive wood as well. Sitting beneath an olive tree, you can dream of tasting […]

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