IQ= length of overload + total hours of sleep
IQ= i q + e q

i- intelligence load (neuro-networks)e- emotional load (emotion compounds + mirror neurons)

The measure of intelligence is not how well you’ve memorized neurotypical social trivia. Current IQ tests are designed by the majority neurotype, which ignore the neurodivergent population. They are centered on what matters to the neurotypical social group.

Rather, it is the capacity and agility of neuro-networks to absorb and process incoming information. It can only be measured by human brain’s downtime.

iq- intelligence capacityeq- intelligence processing

The neurodivergent analysis of downtime to measure IQ:

predatory NT overload=0, avg hrs of sleep=4; neurotypical NT overload= avg tiredness, avg hrs of sleep=7; empathic NT overload=introversion, avg hrs of sleep=9; autistic NT overload=significant, avg hrs of sleep=11; aspie overload=longest, hrs of sleep=11, after overload 24hrs;

The length of downtime is parallel with the evolution of human brain, slowly increasing its capacity and processing power. It is a most accurate measure of human intelligence that still has room to grow.One of the misconceptions is the idea that because autistic NT is not participating in a majority neurotypical world of clockwork emotionless 9 to 5 replication of data, does not indicate a mental disability. The autistic may be experiencing an overload, and needs time to recover. The downtime, its length is as vital as is the uptime.

As human emotion compounds evolve along the neurodiverse strata, so do human self awareness and identity. The idea that ‘emotional thinking’ is adverse acc. to some, is inaccurate. Emotions are one if not the most important processes of the human mind, evolving it over millions of years. It is the emotions that created human identity by connecting the brain to the outside reality, by tagging it in between the emotion compounds and tissues of the body, steadily building an inner world. The propensity of a human being to believe that human identity was born ie. the idea of soul, contradicts this process clearly evident in the neurodivergent analysis where the predatory neurotype lacks both emotion compounds and an identity, where the identity of the neurotypical is bound to the identity of a group, only to be individualized in the empathic/ autistic identities.

Intelligence is the most carefully curated vine of unattritioned fine particles over the time of millions of years of toil.

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