raw honey, golden resin, red blood –

the fluids of god;
shakespearean chorus, vibrating horn, nuclear blow –

the sounds of god;
higgs fields, deoxyribonucleic acid, mighty toil –

the secrets of god;
cremaster cycle, bjork’s medulla, abramovic’s stance –

the art of god;
pregnant joy, furious love, good empathy –

the compounds of god;
blue sky, orange poppy, yellow sun –

the eyes of god; ~


~ glorious summer behind us in tall whispers of grass dark Erie Lake’s glass hides sunken pyramids sun modern Renaissance glistens in Detroit’s sky beneath Fisher city’s heart pulsating freely along Grand Av in its gold leafed hallways Aretha sings Eminem’s Revival ~

~ in the afternoon of Gratiot Av Barney’s Khu on Riviera barge along white starched shirt rapper hustles generous grapes in the undergrowth of hemmed Hamtramck the Sun has not been seen for years i stare into the Sun for days and i see my City unfurl ~

the cloying candied kindness

the raw resin of resistance

the jubilant jewels of joy

thesparkling sin of sincerity

the saline seas of sadness

the sedimented honey of hatred

the lubricated lumps of love

the exhilarating ecstasy of empathy

the jelly preserve of jealousy

the bitter bouts of boredom

the generous grapes of greed

the languorous longings

the actually autistic anxiety

the gnawing guilt

the ambivalent aspects of apathy

the coy compounds of emotion chemistry


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