The Delicateness you Notice

the delicateness you notice in nature is the same delicateness you notice in you.. it is the very same delicateness..
the anger in you originated in the tempestuous anger of nature.. it is the same anger..
the light sadness you see in passing ambling clouds… where sadness descended from..
the sand that is in nature is the same sand inside every cell the body, woven into endless helixes..
in between the fields of non-existence is
the silence, the vacuum, the waiting, the sleep, the coma..

inspired by how crushing a ball of paper gives it flexibility, structure, porosity and character, a large sheet of paper is creased in orderly grids into a hemisphere with each grid facing outwards to optimise surface area for diffusing and evaporating water

quirks / organic geometry exploration calligraphy paper hand creased
design by The Worst Hazard

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