The Objective Method

The Objective Linked Causality Method

Very important to aide the discovery of the Truth™.

While the current singularity investigative method adopted within the singularity mindset of the big bang theory involves considerable amount of uncertainty and forensic evidence, the beauty of the objective method is in the Certainty™ of the validation of prerequisite links.

The Singularity Method*Imagine a starburst of lines emanating from a singular point in the center:all data points are located on countless lines that disperse from this point;all data points are equally valid & invalid;all data points are equally certain & uncertain.

The singular point (i.e. god) sees everything, knows everything.It is the only validation of the truth. No one else can know the truth, discover it & validate it. This is the mindset of all mankind today, embedded in singularity reality composed of a chaos of data points.

Fortunately, this is not how reality unfolds — the singularity does not exist.The Objective Method**According to ToE, reality unfolds orderly from the Core of Everything™.Reality is discoverable, knowable, certain and validated by its correct order in Linked Causality™.

Imagine a giant core made of an infinite number of data points released from it in a descending order, one by one. Each data point is directly linked to the prerequisite point & the post-requisite point, each data point is discoverable and validated by another data point. This is how actual reality unfolds from the core of dark matter.To discover the truth all you need is enough data points in a correct descending or ascending order linked together.This is the Objective Linked Causality method based on validated data points.

An example: investigating the assassination of JFK using Linked Causality Method™

1) gathering data points

• president Nixon said the election was stolen from him• Nixon’s neurodivergence is important: predatory human (corruption, war etc)• Nixon’s anti socialist politics

• Harvey Oswald is a socialist(a clear linked causality here)• RFK murder• Martin Luther King murder

The occurrence of high profile murders indicates the presence of a predator who is likely within the ruling elite. In this case finding the predatory human is vital.

Human neurodiversity is an important but hidden data point to humans embedded in the wrong singularity reality.Predatory neurodivergence adds a dimension of human motivation.Nixon experienced a narcissistic injury/ wounding when he lost the election to JFK — motivation. Nixon’s narcissistic entitlement to the Oval Office opens the linked causality of events that unfolded, often only apparent from the perspective of time.2) order events in a linked causalityI will use an ascending causality order, from the past to the future:

the correct linked order:

• Nixon loses election• 11.22.1963 JFK assassinated• Harvey Oswald dies• Nixon waits to avoid suspicion during L.B. Johnson presidency• Nixon assassinates RFK in 1968 to remove another rival• Nixon wins election in 1969• Vietnam• Watergate

Each data point in this ascending linked order validates the previous data point and validates the next data point, so much so we don’t really need any evidence, this is the beauty of this method. It doesn’t require forensic evidence but it also points to where to look for it if needed.

In unfolding circumstances when enough data points are already gathered, this method predicts future data points. Using this method in ongoing investigations may prevent certain events from unfolding.We have a very similar situation unfolding as we speak. I have already identified a high profile predatory human using the descending linked causality method back in time to 09.11.2001 i.e. Vladimir Putin. This is where a lot of other data becomes clearer. Putin having chosen an American socialist Manning to release classified information to Russia is the latest data point that validates Nixon’s choice of socialist Oswald to assassinate JFK. These two data points validate each other beautifully from the perspective of time. Other data points validate it as well. Putin mirrors US history: the Ukraine war is a mirror of the Iraq war, its genocidal character, the use of torture on Ukrainian POWs. He warns on his Twitter account that he wants to mirror Hiroshima and Nagasaki (preventable future data points).

The objective linked causality method is based on objective facts, and events that form data points. These data points are ordered in a descending or ascending correct order, validating each other, and revealing the Truth™.

* singularity method illustrated

** objective method illustrated

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