The Writing of The Theory of Everything


I’ve the first sentence for the ToE.

‘In the beginning there was Nature.’

It marks a distinct difference between singularity reality and objective reality, erases the former.

How does this feel to you?

Nature – – fullness, certainty, freedom.. O.R.
Word – – emptiness, doubt, authority.. S.R.

Two separate realities: one false, one true.

As incredible as it is, singularity reality is the one that is false.
It will take human kind a century, maybe a millennium to realize this, it’s taken me a while..

The shift from ‘in the beginning there was the word’, upon which the entire system of human knowledge, philosophy, science, virtually every human thought is based on – – to ‘in the beginning there was nature’, is enormous —

— it demolishes all the ill gotten human authority, derived from Singularity: the whole moral system now lays in ruins at the feet of evenness, equality, democracy.
Monarchies, dictatorships, empires, religious systems, patriarchies will crumble and fall.. just watch.

If you don’t feel it, you grapple with the naturally derived concept of freedom, you’re an outdated human algorithm, time for an update.

‘In the beginning there was Nature. And Nature was free.
It was free to exist, and free not to exist, equally.
It hesitated between the Fields of Existence, and the Fields of Nonexistence.’

To write Everything™ is not easy.

Did you know that Everything™ can be verified?
opposite the Singularity™ which cannot.

Each word carries substance – – it is heavy.
Sentences become full of meaning, are grounded, increasing Certainty™.

Opposite the doubt-full emptiness of Singularity Signifiers™.

In the beginning there was Nature. And Nature was free.
It was free to exist, and free not to exist, equally.
It hesitates between the Fields of Existence, and the Fields of Nonexistence.
The pressure against Existence decides against resistance. The Super Symmetry fails.

The Super Symmetry folds. Power mounts, releasing Waves of Existence™ (+) rushed by the Waves of NonExistence™(-).
A Chase begins, and ends with The Ying Yang Swirl™.
The Swirl folds both Fields™ into a deadly Crunch™.
It is Crunch Time. Not even a Tiny Bang.

Existence™ becomes via Toil™ – the First Fiat™ of O.R.

Existence is born through toil and pain, not magic.


The Five Fiats of Objective Reality:

Fiat One: Toil
Fiat Two: Tension
Fiat Three: Troup
Fiat Four: Trans
Fiat Five: Trail

It is the massive power of the two Fields combined & crunched that will create Life™.

The Fields of Existence & NonExistence carry massive charge that creates The Swirl™, a massive Vortex.
Yes, this is happening Elsewhere™, as we speak.

I can’t write the Whole Theory on social media because of Copyrights (my copyrights).
I give you a preview.

This theory is so error proof that it defies any criticism or doubt. Yet, I am certain it will be challenged by the Defenders of Flatness™.

Other notes.

The Final Theory explains the mystery of Gravity, Black Holes, and the Holy Grail: it connects the micro (quantum) with the macro (relativity) universe. Is why it is the Final Answer.

You’ll learn that:
• Spacetime is not as quiet as it seems, there are massive storms Outside the Swirl™
• there is no god, no heaven or hell
• there is an Infinite Forever™
• your nucleic vine is roughly 10 mln years old

E=mc² was genius.
I’d add a lil addition to it: E=mc²t².
Einstein did not include t² because he assumed that spacetime is unlimited – – in reality energy, mass, and time are equivalent, i.e. there is no time without mass, energy, there is no energy without time, and mass, etc.

Since there is no such thing as the speed of light, ToE proves it beyond any doubt, this is the final equation:

where (m) and (t) are limited;

I think Einstein would be disappointed with my theory but he would accept it, and i think Stephen Hawking would be thrilled with it, with where gravity comes from.

Why Einstein failed to deliver the Final Theory.
He believed the big bang theory was true >> spacetime is unlimited.
why Hawking failed to deliver ToE:
he believed the big bang theory was true >> gravity magically emanates from singularity.

Why is there no speed of light?

The speed of light is based on the biblical big bang theory >> the divine creation light still emanates from singularity along with the invisible power of gravity.
There is no singularity.
Why is there no singularity? There are many problems with it.

Problems with singularity:

> based on the biblical myth of creation, not science;
> illogical: what makes one point in spacetime more viable than others?
> a single point presumes preexisting spacetime;
> no explanation of spacetime;
> explosion never rendered complex life forms;

> violates all three Newton’s laws of physics: at which point did the explosion stop, create a pre-medieval soup, change directions to form black holes and stars?
if it still emanates from singularity enabling consistent speed of light, and maintain gravity?

The problems with singularity are many >> explainable only by a benevolent, invisible hand of a superpower who at a whim changes the laws of physics while maintaining his superpowers.

This mindset permeates still modern science – – if there is no explanation, there’s always god.

In objective reality:

< the speed of light decreases as it travels thru spacetime < photons lose energy attritioning against the vacuum < energy is thrown off black cores involuntarily in a curve not a straight line; In reality the speed of light: 299 792 458 m / s is a lie. The problem is scientists never questioned the theory of singularity, eagerly removing other theories. Hey, if they did only that we’d have ToE long ago. My Theory of Everything™ is not a theory, it is it, the objective reality OR. There cannot be any other alternate theory, even the slightest modification on any scale. A theory of everything (TOE[1] or ToE), final theory: ‘A theory of everything (TOE[1] or ToE), final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory is a hypothetical, singular, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe.’ The single problem with my theory is that it is unacceptable to most currently living human sandy algorithms, who had done the utmost best to conceal objective reality thus far via alternate theorem — — TOE demolishes the Question of God, Time, and Singularity; ‘Finding a TOE is one of the major unsolved problems in physics.’ Onto to other unifying theories: String or M theory attempt to ‘fill the void’ which demolishes the biblical big bang theory. Ive always liked the string theory, sadly it is incorrect because ‘spacetime’ is stretched by the ‘black hole’ and does not ‘vibrate’; (M)agic theory is human algorithms’ magical thinking ???? — there are no dimensions, and time is merely a concept of singularity reality. The relativity theory & the quantum theory trip over details (size) to unify the macro & the micro worlds instead separating them into two different theories. My theory unifies the subatomic with the galaxy, they are the degrees of attrition or matter decay spectrum. There is one theory that is as magical as the others, but is actually true: The Parallel Universe Theory™ is true. The Other Universes™ however, are not mirror reflections of One True Universe™, they are concurrent, True Universes™. Does this mean that You™ are Somewhere Else™ doing different things? Yes & no. Yes: there is a strong likelihood that Somewhere Else™ there is a same or very similar, and at one point exactly same human algorithm, or will be in the next Swirl™ or has been. No: there is no connection between similar or same human algorithms in separate universes, there is no soul, an observer, an overseer, an absolute awareness, or a designer - - the algorithms of matter are completely random, blind, and democratic - - Nature is not a Republic™. In that way, this is the closest we come to Eternity™ — an endless repeat cycle of Swirls™ churning out Algorithms of Matter™. At this point you see how meaningless is the concept of Time™. How do you quantify the stretch of Time™ it takes for the fields to gather power and begin to Swirl™? How do you measure the lifetime of each Swirl (universe), and what about the breaks in between the Swirls? We can’t even measure the Age of the Sun properly, or the Earth™. Simply because there are no coordinates, no sign posts, no directions - - Everything™ flows: ‘Panta Rei’ - - everything is Free™. 4.5 bln for the Earth is easily an estimate: singularity science thinks the Earth materialised magically from a nebulae. In reality the Earth and Other Planets™ separated from the Sun somewhere halfway (an estimate) from the galaxy core, cooling off, how do you measure this process? Outside of Everything™ is Nature™. When you observe nature on Earth, it mimics nature Outside, and way beyond the Swirl, our own bodies are a reflection of All™. Our eyes look exactly like the Swirl, with the Dark Core™ in the Center, and spacetime in between the Eyelids. The Eyelids™ are the Fields of Nonexistence™ and the Fields of Existence™ - - they will one day close in on the Swirl™ or the Eye™. *** Ironically, the primitive pagan religious beliefs were v e r y precise when it comes to my Theory of Everything - - the heavenly fight of the God of Lightning with the God of Chasing Wind in Slavic mythology resemble closely the Chase of the Fields of Existence & Non Existence. It goes even further, the Crunch of these Fields is illustrated too, followed by the Rule of Light (existence) and continued enmeshment with the God of Night (non existence). Since we are algorithms of these two fields (i.e. gods), our waking minds still contain the origins data, written later in our mythology — to now reveal itself as the Theory of Everything™. I’m genuinely mesmerized with this discovery: ToE in pagan religion of the Slavs. For a moment i thought, maybe my ToE is simply a memory of these Slav myths, embedded in my nucleic vine - it cannot be just a myth, the theory is well documented by complete interlocking sets of descending & ascending causality links in correct order for it be just a myth. *** Reality begins with an infinite number of singularities that begin Nature. It is the opposite of the singular singularity, the first logical mistake to the Big Bang theory. Each singular point is equally important, and potent - - it is a democracy. It is only when these points begin to group is where an inequality of potency, importance and strength begins. Each galaxy core and each star core is a grouping of singular points. each life form incl. human form is a grouping of singular points - - we behave the same way as the particles we are made of: we group, we build alliances, we form societies to increase our importance, our chances of survival.

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